Rajah Lehal

When Drafting a Terms of Use: Identify All Actions that will Result in an Immediate Termination of the Terms

September 07, 2015

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“>Drafters may want to insert prohibited actions that will result in automatic termination or restriction of service. Users may want to familiarize themselves with these provisions in order to avoid inadvertent termination.

Netflix is restricting their users from international content and, if they do not obey, they may immediately terminate the user’s account. This is an action they are taking to protect from internet piracy, particularly along borders. If the content is not licensed to be shown in that area then it will not appear on the list of shows.

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Take away:

  • Drafters of a terms of use may wish to identify certain actions that will result in an immediate termination of the terms, thereby protecting their service from potential illegal actions by their users.
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