The Importance of Keeping your Agreements Confidential

September 03, 2015

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“>Information about any cell phone monitoring equipment used by local police must be safeguarded for matters of national security. Confidential information would have to be very closely safeguarded because of the very strong mandate of the non-disclosure agreement and there would have to be a detailed safeguarding information provision because discovery of the existence of the technology itself would effectively nullify the agreement.

Also important to note, when some officers were asked about the NDA, they responded they could not speak about the agreement with a “federal agency”. This is an instance where the confidentiality of the agreement itself would be very important. They said that if they disclosed the capabilities of the technologies used by the police to the public, this could result in criminals specifically circumventing their technology.

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Take away:

  • Keeping your agreement and content itself confidential can be very important to protect against theft and other criminal acts, particularly when it relates to technology.
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