Rajah Lehal

Rights Grabbing Agreements Transfer Copyright to Subject of Photo

August 28, 2015

Photographers normally own the copyright to their photos, unless they are hired to take the photo, in which case, unless the agreement specifies otherwise, the person who hired them owns the copyright. Some artists, including Taylor Swift, have required photographers to sign “rights grabbing agreements” where after the photographer is paid by whichever magazine or website secured a press pass, the ownership in the photos passes to Swift.

Businesses may wish to consider similar types of agreements for photographers who attend corporate (e.g. promotional) events. This will permit the business to use the photographs for advertising, and other business purposes without violating the photographer’s copyright in the photos.

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Take away:

  • Businesses that host promotional events may benefit from requiring photographers to sign ‘rights grabbing agreements’, thus acquiring copyright in photographs taken by photographers they have not hired.
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