My Mic Drop Moment

Every time I prep a sales session for a group of entrepreneurs, I seriously contemplate turning my 90-minute session into a 90-second session.

It’d go something like this:

Do you have customers? Call every one of them and ask them why they work with you. Going forward ask every single customer that signs up the same question.

Don’t have customers? Call 50 potential customers and ask them what their biggest pain about [insert the problem you’re solving] is.

Take all this information and put it into a one-page doc to send potential customers.

Use that doc to create a simple landing page.

Use this messaging to target your top 25 dream customers and get their attention using something other than a generic, cookie-cutter e-mail.

Be real. Be honest.

Use the next 88 minutes to do the above.

Start now. (mic drop)

Originally posted on Medium by Eric Janssen, who is a member of Founder’s Only and occasionally guest posts here.

Written by Eric.