Margaret Rimek

Meet Propel Entrepreneurship's Startup of the week - North In Focus

March 28, 2017 Links from this article:Meet the Startup of the Week, North in Focus, with Co-Founder Gabrielle Foss and Mental Health Program Coordinator Patrick Hickey!

Clausehound’s partner organization, Propel Entrepreneurship, has shared a feature on one of their fantastic student-run startups based at Western University. North In Focus, a startup founded by students Gabrielle Foss and Patrick Hickey, is a completely student-run organization that aims to promote mental health in Canada’s North through youth-oriented workshops. The initiative taken by these students is a prime illustration of the positive impacts that a startup can have on Canadians. If have a cause which you’re passionate about, it’s never too early to start a business!

To learn more about North In Focus, please watch Gabrielle and Patrick’s short video on their venture!


Written by Margaret.