What's Cool: Automated Sales Teams

LevelEleven recently came out with an interesting article on the growing tech innovation in sales teams management. The article, titled ”The Key to a Successful Digital Sales Transformation”, written by Haley Smith, overviews some of the ways sales teams are becoming more automated in terms of follow-ups and lead fostering, among others, as well as some of the barriers companies face when bringing new tech into their sales teams.

Our team found it particularly interesting to read about tech’s potential influence on company culture and how it can positively affect the success rate and overall working conditions of a team.

Smith uses a company called Bluewater Technologies to explain the benefits and barriers surrounding integrating tech into the company. At Bluewater Technologies, Smith says that the integration of innovative tech solutions was very helpful in improving their sales processes, but the real challenge was properly getting the team on board with these changes.

The Clausehound team has heard this pain point from a number of companies who agree that new processes are hard to adopt when a team is already grounded in their existing processes. Making changes to a team’s tech stack can put a stop to the “sales machine” based on losing old knowledge and deal precedent, which is unfortunately very common when transitioning into new tech. It’s very important to retain as much as you can to ensure future deals close quickly and efficiently.

Knowledge retention is a key focus in our team’s document review and negotiation practices. We invest a lot of time in making calculated decisions towards contract language edits, decision criteria mapping and effective negotiation language. These are all practices that we consider as “items” that can be categorized, retained and reused for future applications - one of them being smooth staff onboarding and effective team management through transitionary periods.

Our team has created in-house technologies to better manage our precedents and general knowledge, so that our team can retain our important work while still implementing new technologies and methodologies into other spheres of our business.

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Written by Thomas.