Margaret Rimek

Welcome to the cloud, Toronto

April 27, 2017 Links from this article:Welcome to the cloud, Toronto

Clausehound’s partner organization, StartupHere Toronto, has shared a blog on a Toronto-based DevOps firm and the unique strategy the firm employed to become a leading player in space. The founders of VM Farms share their unique approach to providing DevOps services, how they perceive the Toronto startup community, and their experience growing a tech business in the City. By offering a wider array of services to its customers, maintaining the best talent within the firm, and offering higher quality service than the competition, VM Farms has been able to achieve immense success in the past 8 years providing cloud-based technology solutions to companies both in Toronto and globally.

If you’re interested in learning about VM Farm’s story and what it takes to be a leader in the software development space, read this article by StartupHere Toronto.


Written by Margaret.