Vuru, DIY Investing, and the Toronto Startup Scene

May 12, 2017 Links from this article:StartUp HERE Toronto

StartUp HERE Toronto puts a spotlight on Vuru, a local startup that uses a value analysis engine to create simple and easy-to-use financial reports for investors. Clausehound shares the same emphasis on user-friendliness, all with the aim to make drafting legal contracts more accessible for people, and especially new businesses and entrepreneurs.

Vuru journeyed from Toronto to Silicon Valley, where it accumulated over $1M in seed funding before, as co-founder Niles Lawrence puts it, returning “home.” Vuru is now a neighbour of Clausehound’s at Ryerson’s Digital Media Zone (DMZ). The DMZ is a business incubator that houses many of Toronto’s up and coming startups.

Lawrence highlights the importance of the diversity that can be found at DMZ—people from all sorts of backgrounds and skill sets. Fostering a startup in such a broad pool of talent and ways of thinking results in collaboration, and therefore growth. Clausehound has and continues to enjoy the city’s startup scene just like Vuru has!

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