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This App Notifies You of Nearby 911 ReportsWorld\’s First Nuclear Fusion Plant 50% CompleteScientists Turn Diamonds into Graphite with X-RaysChernobyl to be Turned into a Solar Farm!Deep Ocean Fish Can Withstand 1600 Elephants Worth of Pressure!Google Operates 100% Off Renewable Energy!Shrimp So Loud it was Named After Pink FloydGermany Switching to Hydrogen Trains from DieselOntario Winery Incoporates Internet of Things for Improved YieldsGene Therapy a Possible Treatment for Meth Addiction?Dog Ownership Linked with Lower MortalityThere Is Now a Church that Worships AI!US Air Force Trying to Put Lasers on Fighter JetsFactories Already Using Exoskeletons to Assist WorkersThis Star has Gone Supernova Six Times!Bring Your Keyboard into Your VR!Liquid Metal Alloy Mimics Electric Circuit PropertiesScientists Find Chemical Linked with Suppressing Unwanted ThoughtsSelf De-Icing ConcreteSolar Panels Can Now Be Transparent!Coolest New Upcoming Films from AsiaSmallpox Eradicated? Canadian Research Demonstrates the Ability to Bring it BackAlphaGo Zero Is an Improved Version, with Human-Free Self-Training!New Game Improves Hearing in Noisy SettingsSolar Power? Try Seaweed Power!Silicone Skin Can Change Shape and Texture Like OctopusesZero Emission Trucks Have Begun Test Trials in the Port of LAMore Than 180 Companies Have Pledged to Give Back With Charitable DonationsNVIDIA Partners with Chinese Tech Giants to Make Leaps in Artifical IntelligenceNew Protocol Could Revolutionize Cryptocurrency MarketUpcoming Panel on Drones Carrying Medical SuppliesIron Man vs Terminator in Cyber SecurityNew Application of CRISPR Removes Gluten From WheatNew tires can independently tell whether they\’re in need of serviceUS Department of Energy hits solar cost of 6 cents per kWh 3 years ahead of scheduleGoogle Chrome will mute all autoplay videos by January 2018New watersport gear automatically inflates when it detects you\’re drowningHound\’s Pick: Cutting the cord with Qi-enabled green chargingNew technology lets you tell a counterfeit from a real product with only a camera pictureWhat’s NOT Cool: About the VICE Charlottesville documentary and sensationalism in mediaHound’s Pick: Personal touches with zero waste for event planningHound’s Pick: Ever wanted just one game controller for all devices – I know I have!Who needs two kidneys? Just 3D print one.Holographic table – what! My board game friends need to find out about this.IBM Watson CTO tells us why Augmented Intelligence is sharper than artificial intelligence.Flexible batteries, a major step for wearable tech.VR is becoming a very effective at training doctors.The rise of cryptocurrency – posting a 3000% increase in value this year.The present and future of what sleep tech can do you forQuite possibly the cutest robot in outer spaceFood made from the sun and other renewable energy sources is not only possible, it’s here alreadyGoogle is taking another swing at augmented reality glasses, this time with a focus on businesses.iDentifi, a new app from a Markham teen, helps the visually impaired gain independenceElon Musk and The Boring Company have taken the first step towards super fast underground travelOpening up drone delivery by getting them to crash safelyPossibly the first of many sports events you can watch on your VR headset3d printer that can assemble anything, even itself!3d printed Adidas tailored for perfect individual fit.Chatbot coup. Revolutionizing how people interact with forms.Even though the industry says it’s unsafe, Audi has launched a new level of self-driving car.Cars are fun to drive so they might as well be good for the environment too.Fashion and flexing go hand-in-wrist.Cars are fun to drive so they might as well be good for the environment too.Interesting usage of technology and neuroscience to improve motor skills training.Bell is Joining the IoT for connected car movement with its recent partnership with Hyundai and KiaThis technology could enable charging electric cars wirelessly while driving, or on a smaller scale charging small electronicsGiving the sense of touch to machines enables more data they can use when performing tasks, also good for the future of prostheticsHealthy living has never been more rewarding with new health app, Carrot


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