Simple Ways for Small Businesses to Use Content Marketing!

Logojoy, a partner organization of Clausehound’s, outlines ways that small businesses can establish themselves and get ahead in advertising in a cost-effective way through content marketing.

The emphasis is on establishing your brand and then setting goals to develop the most consistent and flexible content marketing strategy. Logojoy reminds that your marketing doesn’t have to heavily depend upon generating your own content. It is just as important to find and share content, which can also build business connections. (Much like Clausehound is doing here!)

You should keep an eye on what’s relevant and trending, what your competition is doing, and to make sure content is diverse in its format and across all platforms. Just look to Clausehound and it pushes content to its blog, Facebook, and even YouTube.

To read Logojoy’s full article on content marketing for small businesses, please click here.