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Pick of the Litter: Smallpox Eradicated? Canadian Research Demonstrates the Ability to Bring it Back

October 20, 2017

The ‘Hound is sniffing out cool innovations for you.


It’s now September 26, 2017, our fifteenth anniversary. It took me a year to reflect on all of this and to write this post. TWG for me was like a lifetime. Here’s how it all happened…

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Multiplicity’s What’s Cool Weekly

New Game Improves Hearing in Noisy Settings

AlphaGo Zero Is an Improved Version, with Human-Free Self-Training!

Smallpox Eradicated? Canadian Research Demonstrates the Ability to Bring it Back

Deal Negotiator’s Handbook:

Authorizing vs Allocating vs Issuing Share in Your Company

Pick of the Litter

Enterprise Toronto

The Summer Company Program Gives Students the Tools and Motivation They Need to be Successful Entrepreneurs


Lot42 Grand Opening

Impact Hub

Job Opportunity! Impact Hub Global Gathering 2018 Lead

Shake paws with us at these upcoming events:

October 26, Enterprise Toronto’s Small Business Marketing Forum, at Toronto City Hall

October 28, Newcomer Kitchen Hackathon, by startGBC

November 20, YEDI’s Not For Profit Track 2017, in North York, ON


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Written by Alva.