Pick of the Litter: 3d Printed Adidas Tailored for Perfect Individual Fit


If there is one thing I am sure I have in common with Clausehound founder, Rajah Lehal, it’s that I am positive, that when starting his own company, he was told by nearly everyone he bumped into that the sector he was going after was too unique and would never change. Read More

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Even though the industry says it’s unsafe, Audi has launched a new level of self-driving car.

Chatbot coup. Revolutionizing how people interact with forms.

3d printed Adidas tailored for perfect individual fit.

Deal Negotiator’s Handbook:

Software Development/Master Services Agreements Part II:Fees, Deposits, Refunds, and Good Faith

Pick of the Litter:


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What Ontario’s Youth Pharmacare means for Group Benefits Costs


Leap IN: We’re Halfway There

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Written by Ian.