Overview of Policy on Romantic Relations in the Workplace


What is this document?

This document outlines a company’s policy with respect to romantic relations in the workplace.


When would I use this document?

This policy can be used for companies that would like to have a policy in place to deal with romantic relations in the workplace. The purpose of this policy can be to prevent sexual harassment and to prevent conflicts of interest and personnel problems stemming from romantic relationships in the workplace.


Who signs this Agreement?

A Romantic Relations in the Workplace Policy can be signed by the employee and the company, or the employee can agree in their employment contract to be bound by all company policies in place from time to time.


More details about this document?

This policy will often outline who the policy applies too. Companies often have this policy apply to everyone in the company including supervisors and managers.

This policy might not forbid romantic relationships between co-workers, but will establish rules dealing with how individuals can interact at the workplace.

Policies can state that relationships can only exist if: all parties mutually and voluntarily consent to the relationship, the relationship does not affect the judgement, performance, or productivity of the involved employees, the parties will not engage in any intimate contact in the work location or other behaviour that creates a hostile work environment for others, or that makes others uncomfortable, and/or the relationship does not negatively impact the work environment or bring the company into disrepute.

This policy can also contain a definition of what constitutes intimate contact. As this type of policy strives to enforce and eliminate sexual harassment, the definition of what constitutes improper intimate contact can be important.

Since the policy is specific to workplace and seeks to avoid conflicts of interest in the workplace, there can be a clause to make it clear to employees that actions taking place outside the workplace are private and not subject to the policy.


What are the core elements of this document?

The core elements of a Romantic Relations in the Workplace include the Definition of Intimate Contact, Rules of Behaviour, and Termination.

Some additional clauses may include: Parties, Exceptions to Policy, and Background and Recitals.  


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