Overview of Notice of Mediation


What is this document?

This document is a notice to both parties involved in a dispute that a mandatory mediation session will be occurring at a certain time and place.


When would I use this document?

This document would be used by a mediator to provide notice to the plaintiff and defendant’s counsel of when and where the mediation is occurring.


Who signs this document?

This document is signed by the mediator.


More details about this document

This document can also include information about cancelling a mediation, the fees associated with the mediation and how long the mediation is likely to take. The notice may also ask for certain documents be sent to the mediator before the mediation as well as a cheque for the mediator’s fees.


What are the core elements of this document?

The core elements include: Parties, Notice, and Expenses.


Related Documents

Agreement to Mediate – This document is an agreement of understanding between parties who are agreeing to use mediation to settle a dispute. 


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