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No Marriage Contract: a $60 Million Mistake for Gwen Stefani?

October 02, 2015

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A marriage contract can save grief and tension between two splitting parties. By outlining the terms, prior to the dissolution of the relationship, and before the relationship/marriage begins, both parties will be very aware of the division of assets should the marriage fail.

By not signing a marriage contract/prenup, Gwen Stefani will be subject to court proceedings to determine the amount of money that will be given to her ex. His claim is that he should be compensated for being a stay-at-home dad and this could amount to more than half of her assets. A marriage contract outlining support terms would have helped this tension and protected the assets that she was bringing into the relationship.

Read the article here.Take away:

  • Parties who enter marriage with substantial assets should consider a carefully drafted marriage contract.
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