Look out for Open Sky Incubator’s Accounting Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs Workshop on May 17!

May 12, 2017

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It’s always important to keep track of your money, and especially so if you’re trying to get a new business off of the ground. It can seem daunting, but should be much more manageable when you have accountants telling you exactly how to do it!

Clausehound’s partner organization Open Sky Incubator is hosting a workshop for entrepreneurs on the fundamentals of accounting. It will take place on Wednesday, May 17 at 41 Ardelt Place in Kitchener.

Be sure to attend to learn the basics and best practices of accounting and bookkeeping, what not to do, and find out about a couple of inexpensive software tools you can use to keep track of your finances! Tickets are only $10. To learn more about the Accounting Fundamentals for Entrepreneurs Workshop, click here.