Late Night Musings

“Happiness is a journey, not a destination.” — Alfred D. Souza

Most goals we have are destinations. They manifest as a lifestyle we desire, a type of person we want to be with, an amount of wealth we are working towards, a level of fitness we’d like to obtain, etc.

To reach these destinations, we usually choose paths we’re familiar with, like going to college or hitting the gym. But how do we really know the goals we’ve chosen and the paths we’ll take will really help us live the life we want?

There are an infinite amount of paths we could choose to take. If we’re too sure about what we want — does that still leave room to explore the more unfamiliar paths? The life we maybe didn’t even know we wanted…

What if instead of having such rigid ideas of what we want, we strived for a state of mind or a set of values we want to exercise — appreciation, charity, mindfulness, contentment, humility. How would focusing more on these types of goals change what we do next?

If we truly believe that happiness is in the journey, then why do we always goal off the destination?

Originally posted on by Alkarim Nasser.


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