How to Get Cheap Office Space!

May 08, 2017 Links from this article:Bullfrog Insurance

Clausehound’s partner organization, Bullfrog Insurance, discusses ways that growing organizations can save on the cost of commercial offices. With co-working spaces on the rise, startups in the GTA can turn to communal or non-exclusive working environments like Workhaus, Project Spaces and Open Sky Incubator to provide the required space to work. At a fraction of the cost, these co-working spaces also provide access to numerous essential office amenities including conference rooms and reception services. The Clausehound management team has previously worked in their own rented office space where the space managed everything from wifi to security access to keeping the kitchens clean and the space tidy. Clausehound continues to work out of a coworking space, which has saved us invaluable time in not having to manage office services. When the internet goes down, we react as a customer to the space and the space contacts management to solve problems. Previously, we managed our own office and had to interrupt work to solve issues with the office. We readily agree that co-working is the best option for a growing business. To read Bullfrog Insurance’s full article on saving on office space, please click here.