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Rajah Lehal

EVENTS: Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference & Tradeshow

May 25, 2016

Clausehound is attending the Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference & Tradeshow on June 8, 2016. “Our events have been designed to provide entrepreneurs, whether budding or experienced, with the opportunity to expand their professional network, hear from experienced and successful entrepreneurs on tips and opportunities and learn what it takes to become successful and stay thriving…

Our events are geared towards business owners of established businesses who want to learn strategies on how to handle existing issues (Sales, Financial, Human Resources, etc.) within their organization as well as to network with other business owners. The speakers’ agenda has been designed with this in mind.” - Toronto Entrepreneurs Conference & Tradeshow

Commercial Activities

Written by Rajah. Rajah Lehal is Founder and CEO of Clausehound.com. Rajah is a legal technologist and technology lawyer who is, together with the Clausehound team, capturing and sharing lawyer expertise, building deal negotiation libraries, teaching negotiation in classrooms, and automating negotiation with software.