• Know What Legal Documents Your Company Needs
  • Create Your Documents With Our Intuitive Frameworks
  • Manage and Track Your Documents for Easy Organization
  • Get Assistance from Peers and Our Talented Team of Legal Experts

Introducing Blueprint, our latest product in development, and only available to a limited audience! Blueprint is a legal document management platform that gives organizations and business owners the ability to create, manage and track all of their legal needs in one easy-to-use system. Designed for both the budding entrepreneur and the experienced business owner, Blueprint gives the user the ability to onboard their own contracts, keep notes, create tasks, and keep track of the important expiry dates – a huge cost and time-saver!


Businesses in the same market category will tend to have the same legal foundation. For example, the legal documents of two landscaping companies will look very similar to one another. One of the main premises behind Blueprint is that users don’t have to start from scratch when determining which legal documents they will require.. They can simply follow the same path of other businesses who have gone through the various legal requirements for their industry.

Blueprint starts by asking a series of questions based on the company’s industry, geographic region, and the current legal documents it has created to date. Next, the platform will provide a framework for the various legal categories that are required (ex. Human Resources, Incorporation, or Privacy Policies). Blueprint will provide placeholders and templates for all of the legal documents required in each category, making the drafting process clear and easy to understand. The frameworks are not prescriptive or restricted. We will provide all of the information that is needed, but users are free to include or exclude documents at their discretion.


If a user has already drafted their legal documents – no problem! They can simply upload their existing documents to Blueprint where they will be stored, organized, and tracked. One of the most frustrating aspects of creating a legal framework is organization and management. Documents can get lost in crowded file cabinets or digital folders, and keeping track of expiry dates and deadlines can be very tedious. Blueprint stores all documents within their designated category for easy access, and the color-coded system allows for users to tag notes and comments for further editing and review. Most importantly, all expiry dates and deadlines are integrated into the platform, reminding users of when their document needs to be renewed.


Clausehound’s legal library and annotations are integrated into the Blueprint platform, allowing for quick referencing and explanations for some of the more complicated documents and clauses. For a more human experience, Blueprint allows for peer-to-peer assistance, so that individuals building the same legal frameworks within their businesses can reach out and assist each other in drafting their documents. This feature also allows for users to receive formal legal counsel to review and comment on their documents, all online.

If you or your organization are interested in trying out Blueprint, contact us here.