Blog Bite: Who's Responsible For Employee Privacy Breaches?

This article posted on our partner site discusses how companies collect and create mass amounts of data – a lot of it being of confidential nature. If not handled properly, the confidential information can end up lost, false, or even exposed.

What happens when the information ends up in the wrong hands? What if the information is exposed to the public by an employee of the company? Initially, it’s fair to assume that the employee is almost always at fault unless outlying circumstances are at play.

Sara Babich at McCarthy Tetrault LLP details the case of a Senior IT Auditor in the UK who publicly revealed the payroll data of close to 100,000 employees. Although the employee did reveal the information, the Court found the company vicariously liable of the act. To avoid situations like this, Babich suggests paying better attention to who companies put in trusted roles. You can read the full article here.

Written by Chris.