Blog Bite: What common bylaw-related pitfalls should non-profit organizations be aware of, and how can they be avoided?

October 15, 2013

This article posted on our partner site informs the directors, officers, and other staff of non-profit organizations of the fifteen most common pitfalls with respect to their corporate by-laws and the ways to avoid them. For instance, the author notes that non-profit organizations can more appropriately reflect the governance arrangements of the organization by making use of newer non-profit corporation acts to establish “designated bodies” that hold power under the corporate by-laws.

We note that the pitfalls found here are also pitfalls that would potentially befall a for-profit corporation, so this article is a worthwhile read for any new incorporator or corporate secretary. This “blog bite” comes to you as a part of Clausehound’s collaboration with Mondaq!

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Written by Alina.