Be it resolved

Be it resolved that I will go with the flow.

Be it resolved that I will not walk around all year with red, exhausted eyes. I will energize with higher quality fuel (goodbye holiday treats…you were so good to me), take a full night’s sleep, reserve mind space for non-work related stuff, restrict myself to half-pint work events (so easy to slip into the second beer), and I will have a sales & travel workout plan.

Be it resolved that I will work smarter. I will stop using my commuting time to draft documents, instead, I’ll plan how to delegate and share the load with our talented team. I will ask for help. I will visualize the daily lumps and bumps and will try to design the day in my mind, before arriving at work.

Be it resolved that I will let myself be open to the chaos. I will shut my laptop hours before bed. I’ll put aside thoughts of investors and daily active users, and will just “hang”. I have the privilege of meeting new people every day on the road in my job. I will make new friends and will hang out with old friends. I will go with the flow.

Be it resolved that 2017 will be the breakthrough year for my beloved Clausehound.

Here we go!

Written by Rajah. Rajah Lehal is Founder and CEO of Rajah is a legal technologist and technology lawyer who is, together with the Clausehound team, capturing and sharing lawyer expertise, building deal negotiation libraries, teaching negotiation in classrooms, and automating negotiation with software.