Angel Investing Trends as at Q1 2018

My thesis at Multiplicity when we started that nearly a decade ago, and my experience at Clausehound having received angel funding, and finally with our experience in nurturing angel investors through education programming is that continued education and engagement will facilitate innovation at the grassroots.

Our knowledge management have been working on annotations of our SAFE note products and we turn our attention to the appetite of investors on the risk of startup/scale-up companies like our very own beloved

We recently reviewed this article by PWC and CB Insights/Moneytree on global investments and technology deals, which revealed to us the following:

  • (1) Number of deals are down;
  • (2) Seed round investing is down;
  • (3) Aggregate value of investments is still strong; and
  • (4) Specific industry sectors including cyber security, genomics and AI are benefiting.

Our insights for those seeking angel investments, or those that are interested in angel investing are as follows:

  • Be prepared to close your deals;
  • Entrepreneurs come prepared with your term sheet up front and ready for signing;
  • Investors, be ready to syndicate your deals;
  • Both entrepreneurs and first-time or new angel investors, review investment documentation including the SAFE notes found on our site and search for SAFE in the search box; and
  • Participate in one of our negotiation tactics courses (many of which are free with accelerators who are our site license customers), in order to get prepped and ready.

And investors - be an angel, share your advice, network, mentorship and money to help to foster innovation and to support the creative community of innovators who you come across. Invest early and invest often!

Written by Richard.